Our Focus

Statistical applications for data-driven enterprises.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Exploratory data analysis tools, supported with interactive visualizations, help evaluate data anomalies, distribution, relationships between variables, and underlying trends and patterns. Some of the applications available on BreedBase are principal component, K-Means and hierarchical clustering, and correlation analysis.

Machine Learning

Machine learning models are powerful tools for predicting future outcomes based on examples from the past. This can be done using regression and classification models. One instance of such implementations is our genomic prediction pipeline (solGS) currently available on all BreedBase websites.

Capacity Development

BreedBase seamlessly integrates breeding workflow from designing experiments to data collection to data storage and analysis. We train breeders to unleash its full power to standardize, automate and scale up their breeding efforts.


For scientists and graduate students who are keen to build their data science skills, we empower them with foundational trainings in statistical programming in R and Python.

Getting the Applications

The analysis applications are available on websites powered by BreedBase, being developed by the Mueller Group at the Boyce Thompson Institute, Ithaca, NY.

About Me

My name is Isaak Yosief Tecle. I trained in quantitative genetics (PhD, Cornell).

And, I develop data science solutions using a fusion of several computer languages.

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